Death’s Talking by R. Sterling

I get the weak with no ease,

and I triumph over the strong.

I believe in what I’m doing,

and don’t see anything wrong.

I see the people mourning,

crying from their soul.

Believing that it shouldn’t have happened,

but what am I here for?

I have to come around,

every once in awhile.

But it seems whenever I do,

people begin to die.

It’s not my fault it’s just the way I am,

I wish the ones came around didn’t think I was too bad.

They only think I do this,

just to ruin a day.

But they don’t know some days,

I turn and walk away.

I give them second chances,

I give them decades or more.

I just only wished they’d realize that before.

I’ve let them have families,

I’ve let them have smiles.

But they seem to be so sad,

when it’s time to say goodbye.

All things come to an end,

life’s just the same.

The only sad thing is,

I will always come another day.

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