I Need A Love by R. Batty

I’ve been staggering through this land

Doing what I can

Trying hard

To get someone to see

But I never got a hand

Never had a plan


To bring a love to me


I can’t go much more

I’m beat and I am sore

Need Someone

To fall in love with me


I need a love

I need a love right now

I need a love

Won’t you show me how


In my nights of rain and tears

I need you to still my fears

I need someone

To help me understand

I can’t go on much more

I am sick and I am poor

But not beaten

I never will give in

In all coming years

I’ll cry a million tears

Won’t you lend a hand


And when at last you’ve come

To show me how it’s done

I’ll greet you with a heart so strong

I will gain the power

Make the long nights all ours

I’ll be here

In the morning sun

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