Jack and Jill by T. Pugsley

Jill drew another laboured breath

The strength within her waning

The weight that lay upon her chest

Made her gasp for air, lungs straining.


“I do not want to go,” she wept,

“I do not want to die!”

The pain that into her voice crept

Made all there want to cry.


The exhaustion, which into her limbs slipped,

Dragged her down like a stone

And as death deeper into her ripped

She faced the fall alone.


“Oh where,” she rasped,

“Oh where is Jack? Why, will he not come to me?”

But in their eyes she had already grasped

There was only one place he could be.


Though try as she might to keep out the fear

It bit into her heart as a knife;

If Jack was dead then her death was near

For Jack was more desirous of life.


Jill’s pulse was slowing now

And try as she might

She just couldn’t get enough breath

As the light dimmed down

He came with his chains,

The gaunt and grim figure of Death.


Death grew ever nearer

The strength within him cimbed

His image appeared ever clearer

While all else was left behind.


He bound Jill to him, he jumped off the ledge,

She fought, though her form became thin.

Though she was dragged down, she grabbed onto the edge

Her arms failing, she screamed, “I give in!”


They cried for the children, they left, all was still

This is the tale of the death of the twins

Jack and Jill fell down the hill

For gravity always wins.

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