The Soldiers by T. Pugsley

The soldiers marched on with their eyes straight ahead

their footsteps taken as one.

The general stood in front and loudly said,

“Onward, onward and don’t look back.”


The soldier followed the command

and had no thoughts but one,

that surely no army looked so grand.

Onward, onward and don’t look back.


These soldiers, they all looked the same

and their images merged into one.

“For the sake of progress” was the claim.

Onward, onward and don’t look back.


On they marched in their even rows

left, right, left, right

not a single question they posed

left, right, left, right

even when told to attack.


He was a soldier who marched there,

he was just a single one.

When he found he could no longer bear

Onward, onward and don’t look back.


So he did look back and lo and behold!

A horrible sight saw the one.

Images they’d not seen for they were told,

“Onward, onward don’t look back.”


He halted his march. He turned straight around.

He stopped where he was, and screamed what he’d found.

The others spun swiftly in shock.

To see if what he spoke was true.

What they saw there behind made them gawk.

Their actions they then came to rue.

The devastation was absolute.

As they watched the innocents burned.

The soldiers just couldn’t compute

What would’ve happened had not the one turned.


They made a vow on that day. To not obey

without questioning why

To always look back on the past, to let no

more innocents die.


They never forgot.

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