The Tower by T. Pugsley

Once, in a land far away

A maiden in a tower lay.

A doorless turret

With windows but one

Out which she looked to see the sun

And through the window, way up high

She saw free people walking by,

And from her lips escaped a cry,

The anguish plain to hear.


“Why,” said she,

“Are they free,

When trapped in tower

I’m doomed to be?”


This and more exclaimed to air

For she couldn’t see how it was fair

That they could run and laugh and fly

While she was doomed to watch and die

She sobbed, but no one heard her cry.

She wanted to run free.


The wind, the rain, the sun, the fire

Feeling was her lone desire

To feel them all in liberty

But she knew it couldn’t be

She turned away and then said she,


“Wake up, you know dreams don’t come true.”


Years and years these words she spoke

Until one day she couldn’t choke

The words out one more time.

She ran to the window, saw the sky

And suddenly, with a great sigh

She knew.


“I can’t take this sorrow, nor this pain,

I know that I must be insane,

I will be free before I die.”


Here she gave a mighty cry

And jumped.


She felt the wind, she felt the rain,

She felt the freedom, she felt the pain.


She felt nothing more.


“How sad,” they said when she was found,

“She must have fallen to the ground.

So sad, the ones who die so young”

And here a dirge was promptly sung.


But the maiden was now free.

That’s the end of this story.



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