The Truth by M. Silverman

Right now, you, the reader, are probably chilled to the bone. You are shaking in your seat, you are pulling your sweater around you, trying to shake off the chills running up your spine. You will probably sleep with the lights on tonight, if you can sleep at all. You won’t be able to relax, even after checking the lock on your door three times, even after hiding under your covers.

The thought of this petrifies you in a way nothing else ever has.

You can’t stop thinking about it, you can’t stop obsessing over it. Because you know it’s real. This is not just some fictional story, made to scare people. This is not some author telling tales.

This is the truth.

Let us remind you, you don’t have to read this anymore. You could close this book, try to put it out of your mind, and eventually, you might forget. You might be able to sleep soundly again, to relax again, you might even begin to trust again.

But if you continue reading, there’s no going back. If you know what happens next, you’ll never be able to forget it. Never. Thoughts of this will haunt you forever, making you jump at loud noises, making you fear the dark. You will never be able to trust anyone again, never be able to sleep, never be able to feel anything but fear.

That is the price of such knowledge, you will no longer be able hide behind your innocence, or be blissful in your ignorance.

You will know the truth, yes, but at what cost?

So read on if you dare, but remember: You have accepted this as your future, there will be no other chances to back out.

Once you know the truth, there is no going back.

So if you don’t think that you can handle it, put this book down right now. Lie to yourself. Tell yourself that this is just a story, just a meaningless arrangement of 26 letters. You don’t have to be haunted by the nightmares that this story will bring. You could walk away from it all, right now.

But do you really want to?

The truth hurts. That much may be true. But lies will deceive you, wrap you in their satiny clutches, and then choke the air from your lungs when you least expect it. They will make you believe everything is fine, while blinding you from everything that threatens your safety.

Do you still want the truth? Do you still want to know know the one thing that will haunt you for the rest of your life? The one thing that will leave you so broken, so fractured, so shattered that you will never be the same again?

The truth, dear reader. The truth, is that you are going to die.

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