Six Word Stories

Collecting your love like my cheques.

If you ask, the answer’s yes.

“World gone mad, she was chosen.”

“Darkness is here, I’m not alone…”

they will hurt, like she did

Siren blaring, how did this happen

I wake up, but she doesn’t

Beautiful, she had such pretty skin

Don’t take your life for granted.

Finished high-school, forgot almost everything.

I came, I saw, my turn.

The mountaintop is not always glorius.

Spooks and frights throughout the night!

Skeleton’s selling meat on the side.

Welcome to the new ghost rider

The darkness was coming too soon

Browsed the internet for secondhand ideas.

Slept all night, still no rest.

Secrets lie amongst all the wreckage.

This time, she was the poison.

The Big Bad Wolf’s ruined meal.

Candy house, two kids, delicious meal.

Death became her as evil ruled

“I’m cold, can you come over?”

The morgue called, she woke up

He drooled over my dead body

He laced up his skates for the last time

Her last words were, I’ll see you tomorrow

The ocean. The sinking boat. Alone.

Everything was perfect, until that night.

Thinking they’d come back, I waited

“Have a nightmare?” something asked me

The Priest Was Possessed And Scary

Joe Finally Found His Lost Dog

Can anybody hear me? Anyone? ANYONE?

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