Sorry, I Don’t Ride With Strangers by E. Hart

By E. Hart

Bopping my head to the melody flowing through my ears, I jumped onto the curb of the road, and danced across it like a trapeze artist on a tightrope. A honk from a car sounded behind me interrupting my thoughts. A red vintage jaguar pulled up behind me. I pulled out my earbuds and glanced at the driver.


“Need a ride?” He called from the car with a cigarette hanging from his lips. The car moved slowly as I kept walking.

“No, but thanks.” I gave a slight nod.

“Juila, just get in the car.”

As the car crawled the road, I ignored him and kept walking. I didn’t need his pompous popular ass giving me a ride.

“Just get in the car.” Gabriel raised his voice slightly with his last statement.

“How bout no. That’s a warning, next time I’ll dent your car!” I asserted raising my voice as well. I started walking faster down the street, but he just kept following.

“It’s about to rain soon, Julia. Just get in.”

“It’s not gonna-”


With the sound of thunder clapping, the heavens open their floodgates. I stood with open hands  as it started to pour.

“Fuck.” I mumbled. If I didn’t get a ride from Gabriel then my papers would be ruined. Weighing my options, I got off the curb and opened the car door. A smug smirk sat on his face as I climbed in.

“Don’t get my car seats wet.”

I took off my coat and got in. To avoid any arguing, I turned my coat inside out and put it back on. Therefore, making the wet part on my jacket and clothes stick to me and the dry part against the seat. I gazed at the papers on my lap, trying to avoid Gabriel’s amber eyes and honey hair.

“Where do you live?” Gabriel asked with a monotone voice.

25 Elmwood Drive, you know that,” I replied in the same way, watching the rain fall.

“You should’ve gotten in when I asked you.” He took another drag of the cigarette.

“Well sorry, I don’t ride with strangers.” I coughed from the smoke.

“You didn’t really consider me a stranger before.”

I didn’t respond.

“What happened to us?” he whispered afraid of the answer.

“People, that’s what happened to us. We took our separate ways. You started playing sports, hanging out with the jocks, and dating cheerleaders, while I supported in the background. It seemed like you didn’t need me anymore, so I let go,” I inhaled sharply, “You should to.”

“What if I don’t want to?” Gabriel pulled into my driveway, and placed the car into park.

“If you knew what is good for you, then you would agree with me.”

Gabriel’s hand slithered closer to mine, that was placed on the console, and embraced it with his. The twinkling of the rain drops on the car only made this scene sadder, as the world grieved of our breaking bond. What were we? Friends? Lovers?

Well right now we’re just strangers.

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