The Void by: T. Pugsley

T. Pugsley 

No one cried.

He fell off the edge of the world, but

No one cried.

He fell out of time and memory;

He was lost.

Trapped in the void,

Falling forever in the nothing.

He floated through non-existence,

Never remembered, but

Never forgetting.

She watched as he fell.

She screamed.

She ran.

And then she forgot.

Her life went on.

Most days she never remembered.

But some days,

Some days, she almost remembered.

She would become happy or sad for no apparent reason,

Feeling the loss of where he used to be.

Then one day she found something, –

A something that shouldn’t exist.

A symbol of their endless, eternal love.

She held their love in her hand and searched desperately for what she had lost.

And then she remembered.

She remembered him,

Their love.

She remembered how he fell.

And she cried.

She wept for the things that had never happened.

She wept for the things that should have come.

In the void, he felt a pull.

One strand of substance in the nothing.

And he clung to it.

He felt it grow and strengthen.

And then it pulled him through.

So he came from in-existence to existence. Pulled by never had memories into the arms of his beloved.

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