The Black Death by M. Gyles

The Black Death

You refuse to hear me when I speak

You mock me while I bite my cheek

But I’m just giving a genuine critique

I could scream and you wouldn’t hear

Please, quit plugging your ears like a baby

Listen to me! I’m sick of the brutality!

I sigh

I cry

I want to die

I’m so sick of screaming

Our children stop aging

Dying too young, it’s sickening

I’m begging now. Protect black lives! Stop killing us!

An eye roll, a sigh, and a scowl in disgust

I’m hysterical, I’m crazy; We just need to discuss

Discuss! Let’s ‘discuss’ you say?

Please, continue to downplay

And never change the way

It’s one excuse after another

Someone’s brother or mother

‘It’s not about colour’

‘They were identical’

‘He was no angel’

‘Don’t make this racial’

‘It was only in self defense!

Next time, don’t commit an offence

Then maybe you’ll get our condolence’

You have no sympathy for black men




No one gives a shit

Even after Tamir Rice’s body was hit

You all refuse to admit

Screaming and repeating; Black Lives Matter!

One gunshot and we scatter

Justice never goes beyond our chatter

Black Lives Matter

All Lives Matter

Blue Lives Matter

It’s become an endless cycle

Black man dead! Shot in the skull

Did you hear? Another acquittal

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