Volume 5

Poetry & Prose

Wasp by G. Karklins

Very by J. Lang

Wings by E. Manzerolle

James by J. Mastine

Christopher by C. Preston

An Awkward Batch by M. Robson

Saudade by A. J. Fischer

What if by J. Samworth

Ward by W. Young

Monica by M. Graeber

Screams of Flowers by N. Cantera


When tomorrow comes by B. Warburton

Deer in the Headlights by C. Speck

Mermaid Feet by D. Gookool

Suffocated by the Words of the Media by D. Patchett

Who is ‘They’? by K. Persall

Trees by E. DiNatale

Venom by S. Castell

Monster Under the Bed by S. Garwood

Clash by R. Conway

Phone by R. Dunford

Television Heads by T. Gibson