Volume 4

Poetry & Prose

A Shell Is a FortuneR. Gast

Into OblivionR. Hughes

James – J. Mastine

My Point of ViewM. Robson

RunningR. Martyn

The Exploit – Anonymous

FireworksK. Watts

Everybody Is a Rock StarC. Guyer

Bittersweet BeginningsD. Cleary

Ode to DefeatA. Fischer

Burning the RopeC. Pucci

The Night-EyedM. Miedema

I’ve Always Told YouJ. Green

Jet BlackR. Gast

My Room – L. Helps


Don’t PanicK. Persall

Self-PortraitL. O’Reilly

ButterflyM. Craughwell

GraffitiA. Maycock

Self-PortraitS. Molenaar

BlossomA. Sceviour

Self-PortraitR. Belliveau

You’re In Barin – M. Dunford

LifeK. Williams

Eiffel Tower – K. Hicks

Self-PortraitT. McPherson

Nicholas and Cameron, Watchmen of the Eastern CityG. Pohl

CityscapeK. Harris

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